Blesssings in a Backpack is a program designed to help elementary aged students who are less fortunate, by sending home a backpack on Fridays containing food for the weekend. On Monday, the student returns the backpack to school and it gets refilled at the end of the next week.

In the Louisville area, there are currently 15 schools with over 2100 students particpating in the program. Because of help from local businesses, organizations and caring individuals, these young children will have much needed help as they grow and learn throughout the schoolyear.

How You Can Help
One can "adopt a student" for just $80 a year. This amount covers the food cost for one student for a schooyear. Backpack raisers are always a big help as we are always in need of backpacks to donate to participating schools. Lastly, an organization may "adopt a school" by underwriting the cost for the number of students in a particilar school, who are the government free and reduced lunch program.

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If you would like to inquire about donations to the program in the Louisville area call 502.894.9999